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Cyprus belongs to the old world of wine producing countries starting as early as 2300 BC and ranks 37th in the world, this makes wines of Cyprus popular among wine lovers with many local award winning wines and some of them being among the oldest wines in the world still being produced. Visit Cyprus wineries and try a traditional wine directly out of the barrel as well as local wines made from different grape varieties growing on the island. Savor Commandaria wine, the legendary ancient wine which is documented back to 800 BC and known to be the world’s oldest wine still being produced. Browse in this portal to find Nicosia wines, Limassol wines, Larnaca wines, Paphos wines and Famagusta wines.

Cyprus is a great country that combines the history of wine making dating to over 6000 years ago.  The Earliest evidence of making wine in Cyprus however dates back to the 4th millennium BC. The success of wine making in our region is supported by big plantations of grapes in higher altitudes in both the highland and lowland near the coastal strips. The weather patterns make it possible for the productions of wine raw materials. The weather is good as it allows different types of grapes to grow.

The center of Cyprus Wines production lies heavily in the Limassol region. In fact, travelers who are lucky enough to travel in this region during the annual festival enjoy tasting different samples of nice wines. The Cyprus wine festival occurs annually starting from 27 August to 8 September. If you wish to get drunk from wine, then this is the festival to attend. During the festival, tons of wine is distributed free. Another well-known region with extensive vineyards for wine production is of course the Paphos area with many small villages engaging professionally in wine production.

Wine is produced in the island by big factories as well as smaller Cyprus wineries. So apart from the largest companies that are exporting wine for many years, there are many small wine makers in the local farming community for commercial as well as for personal usage.

Due to the great history of Cyprus Wines, wine connoisseurs can have a taste of many local wines by paying for a wine tour experience. The extensive tours allow visitors to visit various places like the Coastal region of Paphos and Troodos Mountains. To enjoy the wine tours, arrange for a local tour guide or make a visit to the Wine Museum of Cyprus in Erimi as well.

Cyprus is the oldest known wine producer and prides in having different brands and tastes to discover. For example, the desert wine that goes by the name Commandaria is a good example. The st. Johns Knights first brewed this in the 12th century. It is popularly branded and manufactured by mixing one xynisteri grape to nine black mavron grapes. It is dark and very sweet. You will also get monastery wines like the Ayios Ellias and Andronikos. A unique wine brand from Cyprus is the kosher wine used for the Jewish Passover celebrations. It is of high quality and preferred by many Jewish visitors.

Because of the high quality of wine produced in this region, it is easier to get it distributed in other parts of the world. However, the major difference you get in the Cyprus Wines when buying from another country is the pricing. Due to taxes they retail at much higher prices that what you could get by buying them locally.

To get more information about the wine or just to locate a Cyprus Winery, one needs to visit the Cyprus Wine museum. The museum is housed in an exclusive building used by wine merchants standing 150 years old. The entry fee is affordable but with the tour guide, you get to learn more.

In Cyprus you could locate more than 40 wineries with diversified productions. This has been made possible by the importation of foreign grape varieties like Grenasche, Chardonnay, Semillon and Cabernet. This are mixed with local grape varieties to produce the finest wines in Cyprus.

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