Varieties And Basic Characteristics Of Wines

The variety Syrah comes from a region with rich wine tradition by Rhone, France. Rich wine with disseminated internationally in recent years grown in Greece. It gives dark red wine with a soft flavor, moderate acidity and mild tannins retained as aftertaste. Characteristic aroma of this variety is the scent of berries, spices and chocolate. Generally is characterized by an impressive complex bouquet. Generally the wines of this variety are dominated by spicy - the pepper flavor that will impress consumers.

The variety of Merlot is almost a universal, variety of wine, with concentrated aromatic character and velvety taste. The wine is made with Merlot grapes and it has moderate acidity, with soft tannins and a long pleasant aftertaste. The Greek Merlot wines are generally of good quality. Characteristic aroma of this variety is the plum flavor, spices, red fruits and herbs. It often displays aroma of caramel.

The selection of wine Cabernet Sauvignon is widespread around the world. It gives dark red dry wine with intense and complex aromas. These are wines with moderate acidity dense body and balanced taste. It’s also characterized by the strong presence of tannins and pleasant aftertaste.
Characteristic aromas of this variety are red forest fruits, plums, currants and green peppers and aromatic nuances.

The Sauvignon Blanc is a French variety of the crop and has been extended to almost all the world. It gives wines with high acidity and long aftertaste. The characteristic flavor of this variety is flavor of fruit, citrus, mainly grape fruit and cut grass.

Chardonnay is a French variety that gives excellent white wines with moderate to high acidity and with a rich aromatic character and good aftertaste. Today it has expanded worldwide and is grown in many parts of Greece. The Chardonnay is a rich variety of aromatic features, perhaps the most interesting. It is reminiscent of ripe apple and tropical fruit, melon, mango, and often wine is Chardonnay aromas reminiscent of peach. Aged wine, it reveals aromas of wood smoke and dried fruit.
The types of Madeira wines are:
Verdehlo (Dry-Suitable for aperitif)
Sercial (Dry-Suitable for aperitif)
Boal (Sweet - Dessert Wine)
Malmsey (Sweet-Dessert Wine)

Porto Full (About 'young' port it is deep red wine)
Porto Ruby (At least four years old wine and it has red colour)
Porto Tawny (Very old wine and has light red colour) and the Port Vintage wine.

Porto is mostly a dessert wine and it’s produced in Portugal. It is served in a special glass (tulip).