A glass of wine with your food

Have you ever wonder how to combine a good wine with your food? This article aims to provide you with some basics about choosing the proper wine that will go along with your food.

What to Avoid

Food that damages wine tasting: garlic, spice, vinegar and raw fruits. It is better to avoid white wines or sweet wines with red meat. Also it is better to avoid any type of fish, goat cheese, and raw vegetables with red wines that dry the palate; and we suggest you trying a cool Gamay or a fruity Pinot.

Our suggestion is to avoid wines such as Loire Cabernet, pink wine (rose), or crisp white (such as Vinho Verde or dry Loire, Champagne) with desserts, Foie Gras, and very strong taste cheeses such as Munster and blue cheese.

Food-wine combination

A glass of a good wine is pleasure with various foods. A variety of foods and almost any plate can be matched with a range and various types of wines. A good combination is a young white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay with light cheeses.  However, every person has an individual palate and many food-wine combinations can be experienced according to each person’s preferences. 

Though, there are some basic rules that can guide your matching your experiments:

A good simple meal such as pasta or a plain stake with vegetables leaves room for the wine to shine.

Fine old wines are delicate to serve with a variety of combinations, but the course should be discreet.

Theoretically, a course that is slightly sweetened or bitter, emphasizes the dryness of the wine. Therefore, it is thoughtful to avoid sweet food with hard wines. In contrast, a salty or acidic dish, will allow the sweeter of the wine to taste.

As this article came to an end, our advice is to start experiment with your food-wine pairing and have fun!