Taste Wine Properly!

Learning how to taste wines is a simple adventure that will deepen your appreciation for both wines and winemakers. Look, smell and taste with your basic senses and expanding from there you will learn how to taste wines in no time! Keep in mind that you can smell thousands of special scents, but your taste perception is limited to salty, sweet, sour and bitter. It is the combination of smell and taste that allows you to choose a flavour.

First check out the colour and clarity. Pour a glass of wine into an appropriate wine glass. Then give a good look at the wine. Take the glass away from you and check out the colour of the wine from the rim edges to the middle of the glass.

Also we have to learn about the colour of wines. The wines could be red, white or blush in colour. If it's a red wine the colour could be maroon, purple, ruby, garnet, red, brick or even brownish. If it's a white wine it could be clear, pale yellow, straw-like, light green, golden, amber or brown in appearance.

As it concerns the smell, to get a complete picture of the scent of wine, you shake the glass and you smell for a while. Then smell may be easier to understand with a shake. Initially, smell quickly and remove your nose from the glass. Then, approach your nose as close as you can to the glass and take a deep, slow breath. After see if your smell reminds you vanilla, wood or flowers

For the taste of the wine put the wine in your mouth and you are going to feel the sugar, the alcohol or the acidity. When all these are in harmony, you know that you have made a good choice!

For red wine is likely to taste like berry fruit, plum, fig, spices like pepper, cinnamon, cloves, or perhaps a woody flavour and smoke. For the white wine is likely to taste apple, pear, tropical fruits, flowers and even honey, butter, herbs.

On finishing time, we are going to see the taste that the wine leaves. You should think about what your taste left? Was over in your mouth? Was lightly?

Finally, consider if the flavours that dominated the wine was in harmony. Consider also what works best: cheese, bread or a heavy full meal? Are you going to buy again the wine you have just tried? If so remember its name, the producer and bottling it for future use!