Top 10 Wine Tips

1.Don't store your white wine in the fridge for longer than few hours before serving. Having your white wine at low temperatures for days; will have an effect on the wine’s taste and aroma.

2.The best way to quickly chill a white wine is to place the wine bottle in a container of ice and water.  This will result chilling the wine in less than a half an hour.

3.Often, red wines are chilled because of the room temperature that the wine is sited; the quickest way to warm up a bottle of red wine is to warm up the glasses dry them out and pour the wine into glass.

4.To open a sparkling wine or champagne, hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle and point it at an empty space away from people, furniture and windows. Remove the wire enclosure on the cork, and hold the cork still while gently twisting the bottle with your other hand. By performing this way, you have more control over the rate that the cork comes out.

5.If you have broken the cork inside the bottle and it won't easily come out, push the cork into the bottle and then empty the wine into another jug.

6.You should always give some time to red wine after open it to breathe, as it gives the wine more chance to mix with oxygen. This is known to activate the ingredients used which allows for a better taste.

7.Full-fill your glass with wine is tempting. However, the proper way of serving a glass of a good wine is to fill the glass up to a third. This is because it allows the wine in the glass to swirl resulting the wine flavours to fully develop.

8.If you have lost the cork but some wine left over in the bottle, seal the top of the bottle with cling film and a rubber band. Do not drink the remaining wine if it is left more than a day or two.

9.Keep open wine bottles in the fridge, as the coldness of the fridge slows down the reaction that is caused by the air resulting in the wine’s taste degeneration.

10.Having a glass of wine along with your food can really make all the differences. However, be really careful on your pairing choices as a glass of wine can either be really enjoyable or destroy your dinner.