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LOEL was founded in 1943 and has been the first winery in Cyprus in the form of an organized public company with thousands of shareholders who, in their great majority, are vine growers. At the initial stages distilled products and fortified wines were introduced as the constitute the best that could be produced from the Cyprus indigenous grape varieties like Mavra, Xynisteri and especially Muscat of Alexandria, from which the best known Cyprus wine, the LOEL Muscat has been created. By the lapse of the years the Ministry of Agriculture, in order to upgrade the qualities of Cyprus wines, decided to encourage re-cultivation with imported noble vine varieties like Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Palomino etc. internationally accepted to produce the best wine grapes in the world, so that Cyprus would rank amongst the countries able to present the finest wines in the world. This policy was adopted with enthusiasm by LOEL who created the first experimental vineyards of these varieties.

Company Information
Year of Establishment 1943


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Street Acropolis Street 18
Location Limassol
District Limassol
Country CYPRUS
P.o. Box 50139
P.o. Box Postal Code 3601
E-mail loel [ at ] zenon.logos.cy.net
Website http://www.loel.com.cy
Phone # (+357) 25 579 344; (+357) 25 579 345
Fax # (+357) 25 564 042